Seth Priebatsch
CEO, The LevelUp

"Having Continental Investors as an investor and partner has been instrumental to LevelUp's success. The guidance and perspective that both Phil and Paul bring to the table is unparalleled, and a definitive competitive advantage to any startup in the fin-tech field."


Nathan Popkins
Founder, Align Income Share Funding

"Continental Investors has been a trusted partner and an exceptionally thoughtful advisor. Their creativity and breadth of vision have been tremendous complements to their deep, tangible sector expertise."


Bill Clerico
CEO, WePay

"Continental Investors has been a great partner for WePay. Their deep payments industry expertise and their network of relationships have been an invaluable resource for furthering our growth."


"Continental Investors has been a great partner for WePay. Their deep payments industry expertise and their network of relationships have been an invaluable resource for furthering our growth."

Tommy Reinheimer
CEO, Veritec

"Continental Investors adds tremendous value to Veritec. Their knowledge and experience strengthens our management team and broadens our opportunities. Continental’s network of contacts has helped our firm develop a leadership position that influences the direction of change in our industry."


Kevin Morano & Tom O’Brien
CEO, SumRidge

"Continental Investors has been a Trusted Partner since inception. Their expertise and guidance have been a key component of SumRidge Partners’ success. Phil’s contribution has been critical as we transformed our vision into an industry leader."


Michael Tory
CEO, Ondra

"The support we received from Continental Investors in late 2008/early 2009 was invaluable. It focused on three main areas, first reinforcing and backing our belief that the financial crisis had created the opportunity for a bold new business model; second, in then helping us to craft an ambitious but realistic business plan since frankly the first iteration we showed to them would not have worked - the input and advice we received on this was essential to ensuring we could build a profitable and scalable business that would therefore be sustainable for our clients and staff; and finally in the early years we were faced as all new firms are with a number of pivotal decisions and, in every case, Phil was both available and engaged with us, sharing a lifetime of strategic and practical experience that helped us make some very wise decisions we could not have made without that support. We are very grateful to Phil and his firm and every year we send them their dividend check with a big smile!"


Nick Rellas
CEO, Drizly

"Patient, thoughtful, and on your side. Continental has been instrumental in the success of Drizly, and that is not always the case with investors and/or Board Directors. Early believers with earnest desire to help facilitate a tectonic shift and an understanding for what that takes, Continental has been everything we had hoped for and more."


Gregg Scoresby
CEO, CampusLogic

"Continental brings direct and supportive guidance around business growth and governance that has been crucial in our efforts at CampusLogic as we build a category creating EdTech business."


Continental Investors is a strategic source of capital founded in 2006. We leverage a combined 70+ years of investing and operating expertise in and around financial services and commerce. We seek emerging and established growth platforms where our expertise beyond capital can be utilized. More than the companies we invest in, we look for good people and great partnerships.